surrealist graphite pencil drawing of a woman

Clara – 24-04-20

Solarization and Surrealism

This graphite pencil drawing ‘Clara – 25-04-20’ is a bit of solarisation. Generally considered as part of surrealism, this is something different from the series of landscapes I made recently. The last one was ‘Marlot – 11-04-20’. However, once in a while I answer to an inner urge to shift my focus. Obviously there was a good reason and that reason naturally was female of nature. Such is my life: to depict nature in all her glory and of course women.

Instagram Looker

Some time ago on Instagram I saw a beautiful woman showing a seated position of herself. I asked her for permission to draw her and got it from her. You see, lately I have become fascinated by all these women promoting themselves on the internet. Then I decided to employ only my solarization effects of late. Such can bes een in my drawing ‘Roundism – 31-03-20’. The challenge was to keep the drawing recognizable whereas the original photo was a puzzle to solve for many. Perhaps employing solarization could be one bridge too far for many a fan? Well, I’m satisfied with the result even though I kept it pretty much photorealistic.

Knitting and Textures

Furthermore I liked depicting the knitted pattern of her sweater. The overall contrasts in textures like skin, bracelet and cloth I kept like they were. She certainly has a feel for composition. So there was nothing left for me than to underlign her natural beauty. Next tot his, the body shape kind of picture gives it an abstract look. Altogether, the exact depiction of those structures, being solarized, still offer a recognition for those who scrutinize with care. For the trained eye it is plain to see. Can you spot her?

Graphite pencil drawing (Sakura 0.5 mm, 3B) on Canson Bristol paper (21 x 29.7 x 0.1 cm – A4 format)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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