cubistic nude oil painting

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Cubistic nude 01 (2013) (sold)

Stupid Name

One of the early paintings in a distint different cubist style I was searching for. It was my first sales on Saatchiart and my type of cubism has developed into a variety I call ’roundism’. It’s a stupid name caused by a couple of critics who told me that my cubism wasn’t the cubism Picasso and Braque had in mind (showing their cubistic motives from every angle possible). My type of cubism is based on atmospheric perspectives and a strong tonality. People have called it ‘geometric constructivism’ and many other names and it’s all about symantics. What’s in a name?

Pastel Prestudy

Directly before this painting I made Cubistic nude 01 (2013) as a prestudy. The lattter was all about the search for cubist styling. Besides the abovementioned descriptio I want to make some remarks on what I strived for in this oil painting. I wanted to extend the color scheme and in deviation of the prestudy use also cooler colors in the body structure. Basically I let the colors from the negative space play a part in the positive form of the body, thus tying the both together. On the other hand does the orange take a central part of the oil, claiming a focus because it is only there to be found.


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Oil on linen (60 x 80 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers