cubistic nude oil painting

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Cubistic woman (2011)

My Cubism 2.0

A mixture of expressionism, pointillism and cubism, achieved by strong complementary constrasts. It is a galaxy away from my previous cubistic nude ‘Cubistic Woman (2010)’ because it shows more spheric depth and my strive for combining realism and cubism is all the more obvious.

The Hardest Part

People often think finding the right body proportions on canvas is the hardest thing to achieve but not for me. Once put up I faced a totally different problem: what to do with the negative space around the figure? It is a considerable amount of nothingness that would cause a problem: either I would stack it with a lot of nonsense so it affects the dominant factor in a irritating manner, or it would show nothing so there would be no counterweight at all.

The Solution

The solution I found was to go crazy in all sorts of little green touches, varying only slightly from eachother. Basically I pulled each and every green paint from the shelf  and employed it: viridian, cinnabar green, sap green and what have you not. As a result a pointillistic blanket of subtle contrasts is woven to show a quality in contrasts: in the positive form there are heavy ones and in the negative space only subtle shifts in color and tonality.

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Oil on wood panel (57 x 71.5 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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