cubistic nude colored pencil drawing

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Golden Pink – 13-09-20

Golden Pink

After my previous colored pencil drawing ‘Golden Brown – 24-08-20’ I wanted to explore the Talens Toned Color Paper futher and see what the motif of a white female model could offer me on dark blue paper. I used the golden pastel and colored pencils because I liked its shine, although it does not look like gold at all when applied. In fact it looks quite tempered and rather matt in stead of shiny but that just adds to the flavor.

Slightly Complementary

I chose some pinks and purples to complement the yellowish hue of the gold and some orange touches just to set it off against the blue of the paper. The slanted linear structures formed by the buttocks, hip bone, abdominal muscle, breast and lower part of the lower arm are all running parallel. Such repetition enhances rhythym and recognition.

Some Mishap

To be honest I planned for a graphite pencil version of this one but when I was working in my studio, waiting for my students last Saturday Morning at Studio Brugman, I accidentally rubbed some paint on the drawing still on the table, left behind by a student the day before. Unlucky me but perhaps all things happen for a reason. Tonight I made this one just out of pure serendipity I guess.

Colored pencil and pastel drawing on Talens toned colour paper (21 x 29.7 x 0.1 c m) – A4 format)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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