impressionist treescape pastel drawing

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Hatert Meres (Hatertse Vennen) 01 (2012)

South of Nijmegen

The Hatertse Vennen (Hatert Meres) is nature reserve where I came often when I was a young child. South of Nijmegen it is a place full of little meres, heather and forests. Because it was a long time ago since my last visit me and my dad went out for a stroll. Surprisingly I liked what they had done to the place. New insights in forest management delivered less dense woods and more spatiousness. They cut down the surplus of trees in order to have the original landscape reappear, such as heather and dunes. Finally I could see there were much more little ponds than I thought I knew.


Obviously I like painting and sketching trees as you can tell by the abundance of landscapes I did in the past. Their baroque appearances never cease to inspire me. Perhaps I like them second to women who are less baroque but equally beautiful. For some reason I like to do pastel landscapes in my hatched strokes style. The blurry result I find more attractive than to delineate forms drawing them in the direction of those forms. Surely impressionism is a word that comes to mind naturally. I could not name the style differently. The technique of using colors is derived from pointillism and is called divisionism. See my pastel drawing ‘Meyendel 10-02-15’ for an explanation.

Later Photo

Due to the backlighting the original photo I took of this pastel was too dark. Since I bought my Canon D90 with a better lens I am able to catch more subtle shifts in color. That is why I took a new photo in 2021 so I also could post a better picture and printable.

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Pastel drawing on Canson Mi-Teintes Touch paper (50 x 65 x 0.1 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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