surrealistic portrait oil painting

Henriëtte (2013) (sold)

Well Renowned

This oil painting ‘Henriëtte (2013) (Sold)’ depicts well renowned art model Henriëtte Sibie. She sits for me quite frequently, most of the times at Studio Brugman. Models are special people I think, free spirits and she one of them. She often wears a rose in her hair. The hairdo itself you can type as a sort of new wave look. Next tot his, she is always cheerful and very professional. Most important for a model: she is always on time. Last but not least she can hold a pose for at least an hour at one stretch.

Portrait Workshop

13th August 2011 I organized a portrait workshop attended by some 10 people. As an art teacher sometimes I envy my students who I instruct. Especially when I see the pose, the model and the lighting are perfect. The motif for this oil painting was such a moment. Lucky for me I could take a picture and this painting is the result. Her pungent shiny red dressing gown matched the red flower in her head. I had it in me to counterbalance those red hues with lots of green. After some reconsiderations I decided to throw in green rose leaves in the background. Those did the trick alright.

Reds and Greens

In her face I cranked up the greens and reds almost to an expressionist look. Without loosing the feeling of a realistic look, combining both styles more or less. The result is a curious combination of realism, expressionism and surrealism. Based on the color extremities I used in China Girl (2012) but obviously with totally different colors. I think this time the complementary colors are in lovely contrast with her comtemplative and quite look. It gives rise to fantasies about what she could be thinking sitting for me. One day I’ll ask her.

Oil on wood panel (41.5 x 50 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers