impressionistic cityscape pastel drawing
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Impression of an Amsterdam Sunset – 19-12-14 (Sold)

This is the pastel drawing of the prestudy I made in graphite a month before. I like the sun that sets not underneath the horizon but in a window somewhere in a cityscape. It always blinds us and I liked capturing such a moment.

Walking through cities I was wondering what the essence of a sunset in city would be. It is easy to tell from a landscape. The sun always is visible, through treelines or at full display. When in Amsterdam or any other city it struck me all of a sudden the setting sun can be present for a very short time in a window screen, lighting up the complete street in orange hues. Backlighted buildings often show purples and blues in return as a complementary counterbalance through the stimulation of the cones in your eyes. That was where this pastel drawing was all about.

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Pastel drawing on Canson Mi-Teintes Touch paper (50 x 65 x 0.1 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers