cubist nude colored pencil drawing

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Julia – 11-09-18

New Colored Pencils

The third drawing of Julia Gómez Avilés rendered with colour pencils. For those who do not know her, you should visit her page by clicking the previous link. Next to being a wonderful model she is a great dancer too. Last week I bought a great collection of Prismacolour pencils that brought me great joy using them. Frankly I could not wait any longer to try them out and why not on a Julia nude? I used one of the reference pictures I took during the session with Julia last August. It was a great one and spawned a couple of great works.

Stylish Combi

Furthermore I employed some styles like impressionism, cubism and realism and combine them. The hatched colorful strokes almost work pointillistically. Through this process of divisionism merged colour impressions are created. Therefor I could not use brownish and greyish pigments. The result would otherwise appear to become mud. Such a use of colors would only diverge in one’s eyes and not converge as the right and wanted impression. .Consequently The result is also luministic I think.


In the previous drawing Roundism 07-09-18 the stress was put on round body shapes. Now I thought it would be fun to focus on her slim body and exaggerate it a little bit. Perhaps I was thinking of Egon Schiele. The hip for example is edgy alright, emulating the elbow which is pointy by nature. The result is a drawing that look impressionistic but in fact it is more cubist than it lets on initially. I kind of like the style emerging from this mixed bag of styles. Perhaps I should do more but my head is brimming over with so many ideas nowadays. There simply is so little time to execute them all.

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 Colored pencil drawing (Prismacolour) on Strathmore Drawing paper (21 x 29.7 x 0.1 cm – A4 format)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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