realist portrait pastel drawing
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Melina Noëlle – 17-09-22

Brugman Art

And then the day for a planned live model session finally arrived: drawing Melina Noëlle. She is the daughter of Guinnie who is, together with her sister Gaby, responsible for the catering in Brugman art. They make me excellent coffee and sandwiches on a daily basis when I am sketching, waiting for my students. I sincerely advice you to visit the place one time soon now. My favorites are the Tuna Pinsa and the Da Vinci Sandwich. All that aside, there also happens to be a hilarious white baroque kitsch chair. You know, where artists dwell there are goofy props and furniture seemingly handpicked by the insane. Because nothing matches the combination is perfect. That’s sound emotional logic!

Enter the Chair

There she was one day: Melina sitting in it. She is a promising fashion designer recently graduated. Therefor she comes in style and I immediately saw the potential for a great drawing session. That one might be in prepariation for a smashing oil painting. This was that day. We placed the chair next to the main entry – street side. It also serves as a way to promote the gallery and restaurant. I was satisfied with the result because I was able to capture her features almost instantly. Sometimes you come across someone who is photogenic. She never was drawn or painted before but she struck a pose as if she already were a seasoned model. The drawing itself is a mere sketch really but I think I caught all her essentials. I decided to keep a rough edge and not to overelaborate it.

Oil to Come

The only thing left for me to do is to start the actual painting. That can take a while because I am smack in the middle of a painting. That one will be called ‘Psyche & Amor’, after my graphite pencil drawing ‘Tribute to Alma Tadema – 28-12-21’. I am thrilled because of the anticipation of my interpretation of Melina in the oil that comes next. You can call me lucky for I know where happiness lies the next coming months.

Pastel and charcoal on Canson Mi-Teintes paper (50 x 65 x 0.1 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers


a youtube video thumbnail of a realist impressionist female form pastel drawing made during a live drawing session in gallery Brugman