impressionist nude graphite pencil drawing

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Model Session – 06-10-22

Another Live Session

This graphite pencil drawing ‘Model Session – 06-10-22’ stems from an earlier session. However, I had a model session with my favorite model on the 6th of October 2022. So, the title is a little deceptive. During these live sessions I make an array of sketches and reference pictures. Many sketches I don’t publish but some are promising for working out further one day. This is such an elaboration. I turned to impressionism again if you would call it that as such. Realism is too wide a definition and I also saw the word ‘tonalism’ passing by. The latter in my ears sounds a bit far fetched, bordering on the absurd. Yet again I struggle to define such a style. By the way, all three ism are defined in the 19th century. I feel lost in my own time or should I say I am ahead of my contemporaries?


Most artists I admire are long dead and gone. Take Seurat for example. Besides this pointillist paintings he was an excellent draftsman. It goes beyond saying I was heavily influenced by his style of drawing. Hefty tonal variations seem to dominate his sketches and drawings. Next to that, his contour delineations almost seem powdery. There are hardly abrupt transitions beween light and dark. Until I start using Ingres paper recently I used both delineating techniques: smooth and harsh transitions. When I drew ‘Het Sterrenbos – 12-09-22’ I saw the potential for trying out Seurat’s artistic conceptions. In the drawing at hand I made sure that there were a lot of smooth gradients. Only in the areas directly lit I kept these harsh and abrupt delineations. The result is beautifully dramatic I think.

Sassy and Sexy

Somehow I always find it sexy when girlfriends pull on your shirt. It’s plainly oversized but it makes them a bit cheeky and endearing at the same time. I liked the contrast in both: smooth skin complexion set off against the big loose folds of the shirt. Replace ‘girlfriend’ with ‘model’ and you can conceive the life of an artist. I am lucky to have my regular model come over regularly.

Pitt Graphite Matt pencil (Faber-Castell) drawing on Fabriano Ingres paper (21 x 28.2 x 0.1 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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