Impressionistic nude pastel drawing

Model session – 26-09-19

Model sketching time again. My mind was occupied with many other projects but live model sketching always has priority. Whereas skecthing often is called the primary process, live model sketching I consider to be primus inter pares. So much for tracking and tracking and using the beamer! Shame on them who depend on it.

While sketching I got the idea of using a lot of colors so the skin hues would have all kinds of varieties, getting the right unsaturational degree. What I tried to convey is the effect of focusing on a colour and therefor you cannot see it, just like looking at the moon shows a star that would not be visible when looking at it directly. I decided to keep a ‘rough edge’ since it was a live model sketch.


Pastel drawing on paper (49.5 x 64.7 x 0.1 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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