impressionist nude pastel drawing

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Model Session – 28-05-24 – 1

A Great Model

This pastel drawing ‘Model Session – 28-05-24 – 1’ is the first one I made during this month’s session. Lucky for us, we found the heater back but we didn’t need it really. The temperature was pleasant enough so the model didn’t need to be warmed up. This time we had the pleasure to welcome model Polina. She is a great model and what struck me is that she is able to sit perfectly stil. And tgatl for one full hour at a stretch! Slender as she is, she showed all the right angles. What I like about ‘De Blauwe Tram’ is the razor light coming from above. Perhaps I didn’t say much about it in my art statement to last model sessions. However, this cannot be underrated. There is always trouble with the lighting in group sessions. Using standing lamps there is always one shining in ones eyes.

Razor Light

Consequently the disadvantage has become an advantage because we can only use the light from the ceiling. Howevver, it casts beautiful razor light structures, creating beautiful pockets of light and dark. Basically I only had to throw in everything light with white Conté carré chalk. With regard to dark structures there weren’t many really. Underneath the pillow she is sitting on I darkened things up a bit. Below her buttocks, thy and calf I drew some power lines. That’s all mostly. I kept her right arm (for us left) open a bit. Through this the body could breathe and communicate with the negative space around it. Nothing more bothersome than to seal off body structures completely. The result is a joyful play of highlights and midtones and some loose darker tones. A fun project and wonderful model of course.

Pastel drawing on Hahnemühle Dürer Ingres-Bütten Night Blue paper (48 x 62,5 x 0.1 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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