impressionist nude pastel drawing

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Model Session – 28-07-21

At the Binckhorst

Together with a student I had a lovely model session at the Binckhorst in The Hague. She invited me to come to her studio because she had a friend who wanted to sit for us. Actually the same sofa was used as for the previous model session. That one resulted in a great graphite pencil drawing ‘Woman in a Red Kimono – 02-07-21’. It is a lush space and plenty of room, more than in my tiny studio. I must admit I am a little bit jealous. On the other hand, being a former office building it is empty and the toilets do not work anymore. These empty buildings are subject to copper thieves and junkies searching for a place to sleep though. Consequently, the short time lease artists often are faced with will be terminated any time soon now. Therefor, this session was held probably just in time.


I had brought my Conda pastel box I use for live model session like these. Pastels for some reason are perfect to render thick plains of tones and hues. This way I can focus on the composition more and in particular body proportions. In general I like to take a considerate amount of time to get them right. After all, why make corrections all the time later on?. Even though I was satisfied with pastel drawing I added some details in her face and hair back home. I could only execute them with pastel pencils. My sticks simply were too big and the sheet too little. Anyway, a lovely model session and I thank my student Liesbeth for hosting the scene. Last but not least I thank her friend who, in spit of not being a professional model, was perfect. She sat still, had great musculature and posture.

Pastel drawing on Strathmore Toned Gray paper (27.9 x 35,6 x 0.1 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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