impressionistic treescape colored pencil drawing

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Noteboompark – 18-09-20


The shortest way to my studio where I teach is via the Prins Bernhardlaan in Voorburg, Netherlands but once in a while I take a slight detour through the Noteboompark. It is a cozy little park adjacent to the Juliana-Bernhardpark. The Hague is a city of parks arisen from former estates. Thus, there are many ponds, meadows and treelines that show lovely cast shadows when the sun shines. That is my favorite time of day. When many artist shun from heavy cast shadows at high noon, I fully embrace them.

Hurry Up and Now for Something Different

Even though I would have love to draw this one at the very spot, my time is limited also. Especially when I have to hurry up for class but there always is time for a photo or two. Today I ran out of ideas and since I did a ridiculous amount of nudes in the recent past, I thought I do a landscape with the recovered color pencils combined with the color paper I bought recently.

Color Scheme

The challenge I took this evening was to do a drawing under a couple of hours. I realized I did not do a colored pencil drawing on this kind of paper in the past. I did De Koepel back in 2018 but that was in my roundism style. Time to see whatever result I might get out of it. I basically used a pink, yellow, green and blue scheme and made combinations of them.


The focus lies on the cast shadow of the tree in the front at the right. As is the case with impressionistic views on light, I also girdled the light spots with some pinks / purples because that is what light does to our eyes: tickling the cone cells in the back of our retinas. I like the rough edge on the drawing so I consider the sketch to be succesful. Some more to come in the future and I hope weather conditions allow me to sketch outdoors. Tomorrow I will be off for the hills around Nijmegen. See what that may bring me.

Colored pencil drawing on Talens Mixed Toned Color paper (21 x 29.5 x 0.1 cm) – A4 format)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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