Cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing
cubist nude graphite pencil drawing framing example
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Roundism – 07-04-18 (sold)

Slanted Position

This drawing concentrates on triangular structures the female body often can show when posing in a slanted position. In the previous one Sans Titre – 30-03-18 depicting ‘Marilyn Monroe’ I already had incorporated some triangles and other forms. Therefor I set out to find some more. My personal style ‘Roundism’ initially was all about swirls and curves, hence the descriptive name. Throughout the years I wanted more though. What if I could combine straight and curved lines and planes? Roundism 06-02-18 (Sold) is a clear example of this. Let’s delve into these further.

An Attractive Zig-Zag

Looking a the model’s position I immediately spotted the attractive zig-zag she strikes with her pose. The negative space between torso and elbow was a beautiful triangle to begin with. Surely not something to ignore. That one was the kick-off for creating contasts between the straight edgy contours and the curvy swings. Next to this I enforced a diagonal rhythym of light and dark planes. The result is a sort of pattern of sound waves, resonating body structures. These waves are also visible in the curves in the negative space above her breast and calf.

The Importance of Tonality

What I got from this new experiment is yet another insight in how important to me tonality is. Personally I always need to correctly depict or even exaggerate tonal values in contrast with cubistically styled forms. Traditional cubism I refuted a long time ago. Multi-perspectivism for that matter isn’t going to work for me as well. I mean, where does the light comes from in Picasso’s and Braque’s early paintings? What does this say about my own artistic presumtions? Consequently must I abandon the link I make between cubism and my own style Roudism one day. Can you come up with another – not descriptive – name? Do we need to call a spade a spade?

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Graphite pencil drawing (Pentel 0.5 mm, 3B) on Strathmore Bristol paper (21 x 29.7 x 0.1 cm) – A4 format)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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