cubistic nude oil painting

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Roundism – 12-02-17 (sold)

Culmination of Efforts

This painting in my roundism style is a culmination of all drawing and painting efforts with regard to the same model pose. In total I made 4 paintings. This one is the roundism variety, after making pointillistic (Roundism – 06-07-16), surrealistic (Gaia – 16-03-16) and cubistic (The Madonna of The Hague (2015) oils and 14 graphite pencil drawings (14 Variations on the Same Theme). It took me a year to get all the shapes and the colors right.

Motif and Execution

This painting is based on the motif and execution of Variation on the Same Theme Nude 22-04-15 in such respect that I wanted to render it a bit more realistic. Then I borrowed elements of Nude 28-04-15, giving it a more cubist style. It is therefor that some things you plan in advance do not work once painted. Especially the larger scale did not give me comfort in my realistic ambitions, hence a more abstract approach. I kept the recognition of the Hoftoren though.

Color Scheme

If you look well enough a new idea is coming up eventually. Combining the two aforementioned drawings also did make me abstract the color scheme. I primarily used orange and blues in order to create vibrancy from a complementary color point of view. There is only a small portion of green that supports the blue areas and take the sharpe edges of the orange / blue mix.

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Oil on wood panel (85 x 120 x 0.9 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers