Surrealistic interior oil painting

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Secret of the 50s (2007)


Secret of the 50s is a surrealistic piece on Al Zarqawi and a domestic scene on the face of the moon. Former dutch prime minister Balkenende. At that time I felt the return of the sluggish 1950s with a sense of petty bourgeouis morality, blocking my path with restored prudity. Hence I used a lot of brownish colors. Correspondingly I though of Balkenende to be a man on the moon, out of place. Al Zarqawi stands alone and was killed the previous year. Therefor extremism was at the other side of my aversion.

A Beautiful Girl

But as always there are pretty things as well. I asked my love, a beautiful girl from Reims, France, to sit for me. Then she offered me a secret smile that I was able to catch. I am facing her and the mysterious glow between us is, of course, borrowed prestige from Rembrandt’s uncanny ability to show the most ridiculous lightings tucked away between and around persons in a painting. Reims, an oil painting painted in 2009, portrayed her once more. She was and still is a muse to me for sure.

2nd One

After Fruits under Arrest (2005) this was my second surrealistic oil painting. Many more to time like the next one after this, Grassy Knoll (2007).


Click here for more information on the exhibition of this art work in Gallery ‘Het Licht’ at Valkenswaard.

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Click here to read about the sale of a print through

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Oil on wood panel (73.5 x 94 x 0.9 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers