surrealist nude oil painting

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Slava Ukraini – 18-04-22

Freedom above All

The West has recently become familiar with the phrase ‘Slava Ukraini’. Obviously everyone who is a democrat and values freedom above all can support the meaning of this slogan. It seems as if the world has split into the good and the bad all of a sudden. The free world is pro and some rascalious countries keep supporting Russia’s goals. Strange how Europe and NATO can feel united more than ever whereas recently disunity was rife.

Strong Ukrainian Women

Vesna – 14-03-22 was my last oil with the Ukrainian theme. Somehow I felt the story for me to tell wasn’t finished yet. My reference graphite pencil drawing ‘Hold Your Horses – 04-01-22had the Scythians as theme. Strange why I chose to do an oil ‘Una in Aliam – 01-09-19’ covering the same topic three years back. In particular it tells of the legend of the Amazons. Legend has it they were Scythian warrior women on horseback. No great mind is needed to associate them with modern strong Ukrainian women rising up against the Russian agressor. And so I read the story of a woman from Kiev who bought a sniper rifle just to be able to defend her city and country. This painting is to honor those women and of course all freedom fighters in the Ukraine in general.

New World Order

There also was another reason to do another Ukrainian painting, to me an urgent one. Instead of fearfully waiting for whatever new world order will arise I decided to create one myself. This painting all makes sense to me. Ukrainian’s struggle is not theirs but ours too. A couple of days ago I commented on a post by Jerry Saltz. I stated law school was the best preparation for my work as an artist. Now I know why. Becoming a master in international law makes me mastering my artistic diction as well. I cannot ever be a soldier but I hold sound weapons in my hands: pencil and brush!

Everything Gold

The statues symbolize my view on art. I think they are beautiful and the pinnacle of aesthetics. One of them is Anton Gratz’s and the other ones I don’t know who made them. Makes me realize I maybe should start an art movement called ‘back to aesthetics’ by the way.  Last but not least, the gold paint is a reference to the world famous Scythian gold. It also represents the gold on the Chuch of Andrew the Apostle in Bucha.

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Oil on linen (70 x 100 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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