cubist surrealist nude graphite pencil drawing

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Solarized Roundism – 16-06-23

Let It Rest

This graphite pencil drawing ‘Solarized Roundism – 16-06-23’ I started quite some time ago. Directly  after A Non AI-Driven Neo Deco Celebrity Nude -09-03-23 I felt like drawing landscapes again. Consequently I decided to immediately put the work on hold. Next to that I I already had some solarised projects finished and frankly I felt a bit bored. The last one in the Solarization Series was quite alright though. However, sometimes you have to let it rest for a while and return it much later. Now, after depicting sceneries, urban settings and nature it was time for rounding this one up. In fact, I was quite inspired to finish it now I had some ideas on how to render the bodily features.


Painting ‘Neo Deco – 10-06-23’ was fun and it brought me on the path of my theory of singularity again. In short, it comes down to an attempt of showing the infinity of, in and beyond forms. The curve approaching but never touching a straight line symbolizes this principle. I made it my trademark a couple of years back and I hope people subconsciously will catch my drift. Simply liking the art work is enough for me then. I know not everybody will read this art statement. This having said the singulary structures in the oil were profoundly depicted. What if I would employ them much more subtle in this roundistic work at hand?

Hotchpotch of Styles

And so it came to be I abstracted the forms of the body more than in the initial stage. Not as much as in the painting though. The challenge was to beget a beautiful female form but more abstracted than it lets on. The trick is the sheets aren’t; in fact they are quite realistic. On the other hand both nude and sheets are united in their solarised appearance. Long live Man Ray for his invention. How would you categorize this one? Surrealism, cubism, roundism, art deco or what?

Graphite pencil (Faber Castell Pitt Graphite Matt pencil 14B) drawing Talens Bristol paper (21 x 29.7 x 0.1 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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