cubist nude graphite pencil drawing

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Solarized Roundism – 26-11-21


This graphite pencil drawing ‘Solarized Roundism – 26-11-21’ concerns a pose I had my model strike a couple of sessions ago. Strangely it takes me back a year ago when I experimented with solarization during the first lockdown in the Netherlands. The last one I did was ‘Roundism – 27-04-20’. Solarization as an artistic kind of surrealism was something I was intrigued with. However, beside one other ‘Solarized Geometry – 10-09-20’, I did not delve into it much deeper. Many things came in between, only for me to pick this phenonemon once again. Therefor I thought it would be fun to solarize a special pose by my regular model. 

Angular Shapes 

Many years ago I saw a pose that was angular of nature. The model seemed to take on bodyshapes that looked like stacked triangles. This proved to be a tall order but we took our time to get it just right. I like the result and I did not need to do a lot with the negative space. Hence I threw in some dark blocks with some horizontal and vertical delineations. Some folds of the bedspread I included though. Otherwise she looked as if laying on a concrete floor. The curtains in the background I skipped as well although the vertical tonal rhythym looked nice. It simply would be too much. 

More Abstraction 

Another aspect I wanted to delve into further was to introduce some realistic elements such as head and hands. Other features like the neck, breast, calves and feet I kept more abstract and in my roundism style. My hope is the spectator is forced to accept my drawing to be an anatomical correct depiction. Perhaps people will not even notice the abstraction extends way beyond their perception.

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 Graphite pencil drawing (Sakura 0.5 mm, Pentel 4B) on Talens paper (21 x 29.7 x 0.1 cm) – A4 format)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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