Park Arentsburgh – 20-04-23

impressionist landscape graphite pencil drawing

This graphite pencil drawing ‘Park Arentsburgh – 20-04-23’ stretches all the way back to the outer rim of Voorburg.

Noteboompark – 06-04-23

impressionist treescape graphite pencil drawing

This graphite pencil drawing ‘Notenboompark – 06-04-23’ follows my sketch of lambs in Clingendael of last week. Suddenly I wanted to do one of Voorburg again.

Noteboompark – 18-09-20

impressionistic treescape colored pencil drawing

The shortest way to my studio where I teach is via the Prins Bernhardlaan in Voorburg, Netherlands but once in a while I take a slight detour through the Notenboompark.

Voorburg – 16-07-19

cubistic treescape graphite pencil drawing

On my way to my students in Voorburg I come across Park ‘t Loo that had a reshape last year.

Voorburg – 25-06-19

Cubist landscape graphite pencil drawing

In Voorburg I went through a park at the Spinozalaan when I came across some geese with their young. One of the parents always is on the lookout and this one was sizing me up.

Voorburg – 01-06-19

cubistic landscape graphite pencil drawing thumbnail

In the dead of summer means I am in the midst of the outdoor sketching season. Although I did not complete this one on the spot the invention of the basic composition and planal distribution were done at Katendrecht, Rotterdam.

Voorburg – 12-05-19 (sold)

impressionist landscape graphite pencil drawing promotion

There is this specific spot in Voorburg at the beginning of the Herenstraat where it is particulary beautiful.

Voorburg – 09-05-19​ (sold)

impressionist urban graphite pencil drawing promotion

In springtime Voorburg is a wonderful place to be. The Old Church is catching light and the big ol’ tree in front of it is shattering the light on top of the church roof.