impressionist landscape graphite pencil drawing

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Tea Pavilion ‘De Horsten’ – 16-04-14

A Variety of Different Landscapes

This graphite pencil drawing ‘Tea Pavilion De Horsten – 16-04-14’ follows up my last one of two days ago. I’m getting the hang of it you could say. Spring has arrived and some trees are in blossom, even though it is still cold. When the sun comes shing through it’s bearable and there I was all of a sudden. Strangely I never was in Royal Estate ‘De Horsten’ as it is officially called. Situated between Wassenaar and Voorschoten, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands, it still was a bit of a mystery to me. An excellent opportunity to discover it this year. One of my students spoke highly of it because of the variety of different types of landscapes. There is ‘Mount Lilac’, being a small flowery hill, forests, meadows and there is this Tea Pavilion. That was my very aim of today’s sketch that turned out to become an impressionist view.

Beautiful Leafy Structures

The Pavilion used to be a hunting lodge for the royal family in the 19th century. Nowadays it hosts a restaurant. My initial plan was to sit there, have a meal and make a sketch from the terrace. There were children playing and I had a nice view on the fields in front of me. However, the food and wine soon got me busy. Then again,I also wanted to see the rest of the park. So I decided to take some pictures of the surrounding areas. This is how it goes often. Walking back suddenly I was caught by this beautiful tree on the left of the premises. There were quite some leafy structures on the ground and the building set itself against the background nicely. That was the money shot and became the artistic motif for me.

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Graphite pencil drawing on Winsor & Newton paper (21 x 14.8 x 0.1 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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