cubist nude graphite pencil drawing
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The Birth of New Cubism 2 – 01-05-14 (sold)

Three’s a Party

After the start of the ‘birth of new cubism’ series I quite got the hang of it. In the beginning I was so motivated I sometimes made two drawings in one day. Just to give shape to my waterfall of ideas. Perhaps even out of fear of loosing a good idea along the way. This drawing is one out of three that day, a record until then. Not that quantity is a criterium but the stream of ideas was. The first that day I made in a whim, merely a sketch I think. It maybe also has got something to do with a sort of frenzy, breaking out of my previous impressionist style.

More Realistic than Cubistic

This one is a bit more considerate, searching for planes without any wild extrapolations of any sort. Looking back at this one I see the contours of what I did much later. However I find this one still a little bit ‘closed’ and more realistic looking than cubistic. On the other hand there is a great distribution of light and dark. Sometimes the focus lies on clairobscurity and in other cases on extrapolations. It’s still a sketch though but I like the planal struction and divisions.

Rewriting a Statement

This having said, in January 2023 I look back at this drawing because I am rewriting this art statement. The reason is that I sold this art work to an English collector through A good way to start the year. With dear memories of my search to break out and find new ways of expressions I conclude this story. The collector must have catched my drift. The search is not finished though. To be continued.

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Click here to read about the sale of this art work to an English collector through

Graphite pencil drawing (Pentel 0.5 mm, 3B) on Winsor & Newton paper (14.8 x 21 x 0.1 cm – A5 format)

Artist: Corné Akkers