expressionist landscape oil painting

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The Meeting -15-02-22

Landscapes of Old

This oil ‘The Meeting’ has a long story. Ages ago, before my cubist and roundistic revolution, I was more into landscapes and surrealism. Even though I already sketched models I feel like I did more landscapes and cityscapes than now. One of the last oil paintings I made was ‘Autumn Tree at Laren (2013)’. The urge for painting trees suddenly came to a standstill and was replaced by the love for the female form.

Pandemic Gone, New Beginning

Now I am sitting here behind my desk, writing this art statement. Our current Secretary of State for Health Ernst Kuipers declared the end of the pandemic yesterday. Next to this I long for Spring more than I ever did and want to do landscapes again. It is not a coincidence when you clean up your house certain artefacts come popping up. Cleaning up means emptying your mind to make space for something new.


This landscape of a windmill from above I started back in 2011. I put that oil face to the wall and forgot about it. Once in a while I saw it though. I knew I had to complete it but forgot about it again and so on. Now Spring is nigh this ancient work in progress screamed for completion. Other paintings in tIhe Risque series simply will have to wait and are drying anyway. It took only one hour to complete it. Now I feel silly I didn’t for all these years. It reminds me of the search of the last decade. I had so many ideas that I couldn’t process them all. For your knowledge, there are plenty more works in progress waiting on the boulevard of imcompletion.

Rather Expressionistic

The windmill scenery looks rather corny to me after 10 years. At that time I felt I needed to do some typical dutch landscapes though. I remembered I rendered it rather expressionistic with patches of deviant colors. The result was rather vibrant and seemed to cancel the corniness somehow. Even though I liked it, there was a bit of extra lacking. So I added that bit yesterday evening. Now it bears this year’s date but 99% has been completed in 2012.

Oil on linen (60 x 80 x 0.9 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers