cubistic nude oil painting

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The Return of Bettie Page – 12-08-15

First Bettie Oil

This is the first roundism oil painting I made of American pin-up and celebrity Bettie Page after a first drawing Roundism – Bettie Page – 31-01-15 (sold) I made in the beginning of 2015. Bettie appeared on the menu for the first time in my drawing Bettie Page – 26-04-14 and I drew her many times ever since. Different from my pastel drawing in red A 4th Tribute to Bettie Page – 16-09-14 I wanted to explore her as motif in more colors.

Attractive Personality

Bettie Page is one person I always admired. Not only she is sexy as hell but also because she deared to flirt with her sexuality in an era in which there were prunes (and still are today). Because she kicked up a lot of dust and gave colour to the birth of sexual liberation in the 1960s I gave her a lot of colour and swirling curves. This is the second one I did in my new roundism style, some kind of deviation from cubism.

Overlit and New Forms

I was intrigued by a picture where she seems to be overlit by studio lights from two sides. She showed hardly any colour delineation and that inspired me to creating a body without traditional deleniations of body parts. The challenge was to keep the colors crisp so I made an underpainting in sepia and white. This way I could focus on forms only. Inventing a suitable color scheme was a tour de force on itself. The secret is that I balanced out cool and warmer colors but kept the saturational degree of the paints rather high. The result is a smashing painting that keeps on flirting with beholding eyes. It gives the painting a pop art-like look.

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Oil on wood panel (85 x 120 x 0.9 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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