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Golden – 27-01-21


This nude pastel drawing in the Golden series resembles a previous pastel ‘Nude – 02-02-19’ a bit. However, I put the stress on skin hues in order to stay in line with the purpose of the series. The objective was to honor my model’s skin hues. She has Indian genes and shows these incredible colors in a range from yellow up to purple. If the legend of Eldorado was to be true she certainly would be his descendant.



Since decades I am a fan of impressionists and pointillists. Neo-impressionists developed this divisionism theory. For sure I could explain it to you in full but you simply can click the link to read more. It focuses on having two color patches converge into a single impression (new sort of color) from a distance.


Color Wheel Sin

This pastel is no exception to or new as to previous works. What might be new is that I sinned against Raphael’s color rule: use only 5 base colors. I used all 6 on the color wheel. I found out that it does not matter or does the depiction a lot of harm. I was in need to use the whole color spectrum in order to be able to get the right greyish effects in all colors.


Play of Color, Chroma and Saturation

Of course the foundation on which this drawing rests is the right interpretation of tonal values. In addition to that I played around with the chroma and saturation of colors. Divisionism comes as a tool to create gray colors and that is what I did. For example in the thigh I placed yellow and pink / purple strokes next to eachother, letting them gray. The green strokes next to the yellow enforce eachother because they are quite analogue. The pinks next to the greens in the sheets around her are conducive to that same graying effect. The overall result is a graying effect at a distance but a whirlpool of vibrant colors up close. Two different drawings for the price of one.


Pastel drawing on paper (49.8 x 69.4 x 0.1 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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