Cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing

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Aquatic Superbeing – 16-11-18

Aquatic Inspiration

This drawing is all about the aquatic qualities of the body of a woman. Most of all I feel it to be a privilege to look at female buttocks being part of my professional behaviour as an artist. Though my interests stretch beyond the erotic. To me art is all about seeing one thing in another and thus I saw a beautiful wave figure coming from the model’s left elbow, inspiring me to put more in. I also discovered dolphins and to complete it I put a golden ratio-based shell on top of her head, turning her into some kind of sea goddess. Perhaps a new Botticelli’s Venus?

A Previous Drawing

In fact this one is inspired after the quick success of my previous graphite pencil drawing ‘Heavenly Body – 17-10-18’ which I sold instantly. Basically it is the same composition, same roundism styling and added a little surrealism as the icing on a cake. I like to combine all these styles since I am always trying to create something new, even though this one is a continuation of the previous one. Perhaps this one is a little bit more mysterious and people might have to try harder to interpret it. That might be the reason that it has not been sold instantly unlike the other. Could it be that the majority does not even see the dolphin?

Graphite pencil drawing (Pentel 0.5 mm, 3B) on Canson Bristol paper (21 x 29.7 x 0.1 cm) – A4 format)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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