cubist landscape graphite pencil drawing

Beek – 19-04-21

This drawing of Beek is a continuation of previous graphite pencil drawings like Marlot – 04-04-21. In these latest series of I set out to sharpen my feel for realism meeting my roundistic principles. Of course I see abstract phenomena in real objects already for a long time.

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impressionistic landscape colored pencil drawing

Beek-Ubbergen – 28-09-20


Just outside Nijmegen towards the German border there are two places of beauty called the Ooij Polder and the start of the ‘Nijmeegse Heuvelrug’, part of the Lower Rhine Heights.

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realistic graphite pencil drawing of a protestant church

Beek – 24-04-20

Sometimes cementeries can be fun, especially when they are old and situated near old churches and trees in the midst of Beek, Gelderland, Netherlands.

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impressionistic treescape graphite pencil drawing

Beek – 21-07-19

Today I was out on a trip to Beek-Ubbergen with my parents. We returned to the place where I sketched two previous drawings. This time I drew the whole thing at the very spot, opposite to the Duivelsberg (Mount Devil).

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cubistic landscape graphite pencil drawing thumbnail

Beek – 11-06-19

This drawing complements the previous Beek (30-05-19) drawing in such respect that in this one the view is directed to the extension of the path I was walking on.

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