5th November 2017

Ernst Ford and me in the local newspaper promoting the first exhibition of artworks at Theater Ludens, Voorburg, Netherlands. The exhibition can be visited until 15th Januari 2018.

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25th October 2017

Me today at Theater Ludens, Voorburg, Netherlans, in front of my paintings: The return of Bettie Page – 12-08-15 and Roundism – 07-12-14

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22nd September 2017

A promo video with me in it (teaching students): The Voorburg Rondgang (Roundabout), planned for next 30th September on a Saturday. Plenty of art to watch and to experience. I will be attending it as well with a small portrait masterclass. 6 people can participate. From 13:30 to 15:30 PM. Addres: Herenstraat 125 at Voorburg.

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12th August 2017

A photo of my oil painting ‘The return of Bettie Page – 12-08-15’ (for sale). Exhibited at Gallery Brugman, at Voorburg Netherlands

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17th July 2017

Sneak preview of my new painting in progress based on my previous drawing ‘Bettie Page – 24-02-17’, being a prestudy in retrospective. I don’t know whether to copy the whole drawing or add or skip things. Lots to ponder on!

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