Slava Ukraini – 15-02-23

art deco female form graphite pencil drawing of the motherland monument in kyiv

This graphite pencil drawing ‘Slava Ukraini – 15-02-23’ is a depiction of The Motherland Monument in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Louise Brooks – 21-10-22 (sold)

cubist portrait colored pencil drawing sale promotion

This colored pencil drawing ‘Louise Brooks – 21-10-22’ is something I wanted to do for a long time. Naturally the reason was to see how colored pencil would react to Ingres paper.

Art Deco Nude – 11-08-22

cubist nude graphite pencil drawing sale promotion

Art Deco Nude – 11 -08-22 is my third graphite pencil drawing done with my Faber-Castell Pitt Graphite Matt pencils. A couple of days after the second but I had a busy schedule of meetings, uploading and painting of course.

Binckhorst Nude – 03-08-21

cubist nude graphite pencil drawing

At the Binckhorst I met a model who posed nude for me and a student of mine. The live model sketch was in pastel and in fact I got the taste to do some more.

Satin – 11-07-21

cubist nude art graf pencil drawing

Of late I am exploring textures of fabrics like satin, silk and all other shining objects such as gold and silver. Two months ago I made the first one, depicting Geesje Kwak.

Estate ‘Oosterbeek’ – 31-03-21

On my walks I came across Estate ‘Oosterbeek’ again. I was in the mood to do another landscape after my last one of Buitengoed Leeuwenbergh. After all, Spring has arrived and South Holland is covered in sunlight. Let’s hope the sun will bring relief in this cursed pandemic.

On the Beach – 11-12-20

cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing

Years ago I saved a vintage picture of a nude on the beach. Origin unknown and my best guess would be from the 1930s or 1940s. The picture was rather grainy and but it showed a great composition of a female body in slanted position.

The Cat – 23-10-20 (sold)

cubist nude graphite pencil drawing promotion

A cat comes in handy when you are out of options and do not want to simply draw a pretty picture of a beautiful woman.

Roundism – 22-09-20

cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing

After an odd month doing other project it was time to do one in my roundisym style again.