Den Haag – 09-02-24

impressionist surrealist urban graphite pencil drawing

This graphite pencil drawing ‘Den Haag – 09-02-24’ is my first one this year.

Park Hoog Oostduin – 14-09-22

impressionist treescape graphite pencil drawing

This graphite pencil drawing Park Hoog Oostduin – 14-09-22 follows directly after Het Sterrenbos – 12-09-22. Suddenly I found myself embracing the love for drawing trees again.

Estate ‘Reigersbergen’ – 16-05-20

Impressionistic landscape graphite pencil drawing

These Corona days I wander about the region like I am used to. Nothing changed in this respect and I am more than happy that we in The Netherlands have at least some freedom of movement and that the end of our ‘intelligent lock down’ is in sight

De Hofvijver – 20-03-20

impressionist cityscape graphite pencil drawing promotion

A unique situation: everybody all around the world at home and as to me: I got nothing to do except for painting and sketching but hey that is what we artists do all the time.

The Hague – 21-05-19

Cubistic cityschape graphite pencil drawing

At the front my flat overlooks a great cityscape of The Hague, Netherlands, where I live. Already used as a styled (roundism) background in my oil painting ‘The Madonna of The Hague (2015)’ I decided to do a small sketch of the same view, now enriched with some extra high buildings like ‘New Babylon’ in the city centre.

Haagse Bos – 10-05-19

impressionistic landscape graphite pencil drawing

When I came back from Clingendael I took my favorite way back home through ‘estate Reigersbergen’.

Laakmolen – 26-04-19

impressionistic mill graphite pencil drawing

The Laakmolen is an ancient mill already painted by Vincent van Gogh and it is hidden from plain sight nowadays.