Cleopatra – 23-02-24

realist art deco nude graphite pencil drawing

This graphite pencil drawing ‘Cleopatra – 23-02-24’ refers to a work under the same name I made back in 2018.

Bastet – 04-10-19

Surrealistic nude graphite pencil drawing

It is World Animal Day and I miss my cat Furia. She sat for me as a model a couple of times and I thought I’d honour her today.

The artist and his model – 31-03-19

Surrealistic graphite pencil drawing

This drawing is a protest and and prestudy altogether. The latter for the sake of a bigger painting and the first because I need to be more clear about nudity once again.

Isis – 25-01-19​

surrealistic nude graphite pencil drawing

Some time ago I saw underwater excavation pictures of Heracleion, an ancient Egyptian city submerged.

Bastet – 01-01-19​

surrealistic nude colored pencil drawing

My Egyptian series is an addition to my ‘j’accuse’ painting ‘The Revelation of Bettie Page’. My New Year’s resolution for this year: I dare all algorithms of social media scanning the internet for nipples like the Matrix’s sentinels for Neo.

Cleopatra – 22-12-18

Surrealist nude graphite pencil drawing

When I saw the reference picture I was inspired to turn the model sitting in a bath with lots of foam around her,into a donkey milk bath with Cleopatra in it for the sake of my Egyptian ambition.

La Langue Verte – 14-12-18

Cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing

I liked the triangular position of the model’s body and put her in an Egyptian scenery, thinking of my roundism style relating to hieroglyphics and Egyptian arts in general. I always liked the intense need for styling and I consider the depictions of the human body by the old Egyptians to be one of mankind’s greatest achievements.

Initiatrix – 03-12-18

surrealist nude graphite pencil drawing

The third art work in my new series on Egypt. I experimented with my personal style ‘roundism’ in combination with realism and surrealism.

Oudaen – 26-11-18

surrealist desert graphite pencil drawing

Last year I was at Oudaen, a city castle at Utrecht, Netherlands which now is a crowdy hotspot for party people. I was dining near the window in the corner with hundreds of people around me but a single cat was lying quietly by the window.