Clingendael – 31-08-22

impressionist landscape graphite pencil dawing

Today, the last day of August, I went to Clingendael with my dear friend Michelle. We were out there to take some landscape pictures and to do some drawing.

Art Deco Nude – 29-08-22

impressionist nude graphite pencil drawing

Graphite Pencil drawing ‘Art Deco Nude  29-08-22’ is the next one in line after ‘Sienna – 25-08-22’.

Sienna – 27-08-22

impressionist nude graphite pencil drawing

This graphite pencil drawing ‘Sienna – 25-08-22’ follows up my previous one ‘Model Study, after Laure Albin Guillot – 25-08-22’.

Risque – 05-05-22

impressionist nude grapite pencil drawing

It was some time ago when I did my last graphite pencil drawing in the Risque series.

Model Session – 14-03-22

impressionist nude graphite pencil drawing

While creating my recent series of oil paintings suddenly I felt it was time to have a new model session.

Family – 25-01-22 (sold)

This graphite pencil drawing ‘Family – 25-01-22 (sold)’ is a commissioned piece, just as the last commission ‘Opa – 14-04-21 (sold)’.

Risque – 22-01-22

cubist nude graphite pencil drawing

The next one in the Risque series. After my previous colored pencil drawing ‘Risque – 18-01-22’ I wanted to experiment with angular structures again.