Art Deco Nude – 14-08-22

cubist nude oil painting

This oil painting ‘Art Deco Nude – 14-08-22’ is based on my graphite pencil drawing ‘Art Deco Nude – 05-08-22’. I liked that one and saw the potential for an oil.

Roundism – 07-08-22

cubist nude oil painting

This work is a conversion of Roundism – 07-08-21 into oil. For the appreciation of the initial reference picture I refer to that.

anaglyphical roundism – 27-07-22

cubist nude oil painting

This oil painting Anaglyphical Roundism – 27-07-22 is my next project after ‘Golden – 18-07-22’. That one kicked up a lot of dust. Of course I like to vary so this time it was all about cubist styling again.

Golden – 18-07-22

realist nude oil painting

Golden is my new project I finished just ago. I thought it was time to extend the Golden series with another oil paint. Golden – 18-05-22 was the last one and I didn’t know what forms to solarize and to style cubistically next.

Blue Velvet – 09-07-22

expressionist nude oil painting

Blue Velvet is my next one after the more comprehensive work on Geesje Kwak. Time for an elaboration of a previous drawing Solarised Roundism – 01-07-22.

Geesje Kwak and the Secret of the Universe – 28-06-22

surrealist kimono girl oil painting

This oil painting ‘Geesje Kwak and the Secret of the Universe – 28-06-22’ is my second one. Geesje lends herself to a grand but time consuming elaboration in oil paint. Must be her beauty as well as the lush kimonos.

Golden – 18-05-22

cubist nude oil painting

This painting in the Golden Series was designed to give the spectator a most intense ‘yellow’ experience.

Fox the Fox – 04-05-22

surrealist nude oil painting

Fox the Fox -04-05-22 is an elaboration of a graphite pencil drawing Nude – 04-10-15 I made years ago.