Golden – 18-07-22

realist nude oil painting

Golden is my new project I finished just ago. I thought it was time to extend the Golden series with another oil paint. Golden – 18-05-22 was the last one and I didn’t know what forms to solarize and to style cubistically next.

Blue Velvet – 09-07-22

expressionist nude oil painting

Blue Velvet is my next one after the more comprehensive work on Geesje Kwak. Time for an elaboration of a previous drawing Solarised Roundism – 01-07-22.

Risque – 17-02-22

cubist nude oil painting

A new Risque oil painting in the Series by same name. After my last one I wanted to wander in a straight linear landscape again. The motif for this one was based on my colored pencil drawing ‘Risque – 01-22’.

The Meeting -15-02-22

expressionist landscape oil painting

This oil ‘The Meeting’ has a long story. Ages ago, before my cubist and roundistic revolution, I was more into landscapes and surrealism.

Risque – 13-12-21

expressionist nude oil painting

Risque is the title of a new oil, in fact a new series. I felt this one was urgent and below I explain why. The lovely means by making my visual point is the depiction of model Julia Gómez Avilés. It was wonderful to work with her again

Roundism – 06-07-16

cubistic nude oil painting

A second painting in the same roundism series, based on the variations on the same theme drawings. In this one I combined cubistic forms with pointillism.

Henriëtte (2013) (sold)

Surrealistic portrait of Henriette Sibbie oil painting

An oil painting of Henriëtte Sibie, who sits for me quite frequently, most of the times at Studio Brugman.

Chinese nude (2012) (sold)

Surrealistic nude oil painting in yellow

I love those old colonial post cards of exotic nudes. This one is based on such a card but of course with the addition of extreme colours.