Cubistic sitting nude (2014)

cubistic nude oil painting

vious sketchwork (the birth of new cubism). Rendering cubism in oil gives new ways of depicting the body. This one still is ‘cubism light’ and also can be considered as expres

Cubistic nude 02 (2013)

cubist nude oil painting

A study after movement and cubism. I was inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s ‘nu descendant l’escalier’. I like women swinging their hips.

Cubistic nude 01 (2013) (sold)

Cubistic nude oil painting

One of the early paintings in a distint different cubist style I was searching for. It was my first sales on Saatchiart and my type of cubism has developed into a variety I call ’roundism’.

Cubistic woman (2011)

cubistic nude oil painting

A mixture between expressionism, pointillism and cubism, done by strong complementary constrasts.

Cubistic woman (2010)

Cubistic nude oil painting

Probably the first cubistic painting I made. This one rather looks like stained glass than being cubistic, I think.