Melina Noëlle – 17-09-22

realist portrait pastel drawing

And then the day for a planned live model session finally arrived: drawing Melina Noëlle. She is the daughter of Guinnie who is, together with her sister Gaby, responsible for the catering in Brugman art.

Risque – 24-03-22

expressionist nude pastel drawing

The first pastel drawing in the Risque series and was long overdue. At the beginning of February I started this one just to fill the time waiting for my students.

Reclining Nude – 19-09-21

realistic nude pastel drawing

This reclining nude is completed two days after the last model session I held at my studio. Being the first drawing I completed after July’s session means last month’s drawing has not been completed yet. This one was relatively easy though.

Model Session – 28-07-21

impressionist nude pastel drawing

Together with a student I had a lovely model session at the Binckhorst in The Hague. She invited me to come to her studio because she had a friend who wanted to sit for us. Actually the same sofa was used as for the previous model session.

Hatertse Vennen (Hatert Meres) – 16-05-21

impressionist landscape pastel drawing

It has been a while since I wandered through the Hatert Meres (Hatertse Vennen). In 2014 to be precise. Hatert Meres 09 (2014) was my last pastel of that series but there was one I made two years earlier. When I was browsing in my maps looking for the first one I suddenly found that unfinished one. It was a draft that, how promising it was colorwise, also was a bit of a bore.

Waalsdorpervlakte – 04-05-21 (sold)

impressionist treescape pastel drawing promotion

Last Saturday I came across the outer edge of the Waalsdorpervlakte. By chance I was walking down a small footpath next to the International Criminal Court at The Hague, Nethelands. Suddenly there it was, the motif I was anxiously searching for that day.

Golden Night – 08-03-21

cubist nude pastel drawing

This pastel drawing Golden Night – 08-02-21 is based on a previous graphite pencil drawing Roundism 10-08-20. What I do is to browse through my collection of drawing and just pick one to execute in color.

Golden Roundism – 03-03-21

cubist nude pastel drawing

This pastel drawing ‘Golden Roundism – 03-03-21’ is based on a graphite pencil drawing ‘Roundism – 03-01-16 (sold)’. After the previous pastel ‘Golden Purple – 25-02-21’ I thought it would be fun to pull a really old one out of the drawer.

Golden Purple – 25-02-21

cubsit nude pastel drawing

This pastel drawing ‘Golden Purple – 25-02-21’ is based on a previous graphite pencil drawing ‘Roundism – 14-09-19’. The latter I always liked because of its abstract quality.