cubist expressionistic nude oil painting

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Cubist Expressionism – 07-09-20


Years ago I made a pastel drawing called ‘Pastel Study 03 (2013)’ and the name suggests a prestudy. Although I did not forget about it, my mind kept wandering on and often it is hard to keep track with all my ideas. I guess we all get ground by the millstones of time and I am only juggling with my talents the best way I see fit. Some works though will make it to the second stage, namely an oil painting. Others I forget about and when I look back sometimes I am quite suprized that I did. Aforementioned pastel study is such a piece I came to appreciate anew.

Odd One Out

I made the pastel study on a whim when I was waiting for my students on a Wednesday evening, I remember. My roundism style and the bulk of my cubist works were not made yet. Perhaps this one this even more different than the rest because it holds certain expressionist elements, I think. It also is not exactly cubistically angular. Still a great shot and I sold it quickly through Saatchiart. It’s with a Canadian collector nowadays.

Oil Painting

After careful considering I chose for a rendering with hatched strokes like I am used to in doing pastels and many a drawing, even though this is the first time in oil. I quite like it I can admit because it conveys the feel and the objective I had in mind. I kept it quite cubistic though, more than the initial pastel. In this respect it is more a synthesis of cubism and expressionism. When I talk about cubism I do not mean Picasso’s multi-perspectivism but my own cubistic style.

Color Usage

Throughout the years my taste for color has changed a bit, even though I still like strong colors. However, I realized already a long time ago an abundance of strong, saturated colors can lead to inflation and therefor to visual fatigue very easily. This the reason I kept the negative space unsaturated (poluted blue) and some of the colours in the positive form I put outside it, just to let them echo faintly. This way I tied them together, creating harmony.

Oil on linen (60 x 80 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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