realistic nude colored pencil drawing

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Golden Reality – 14-09-20

Golden Reality

My last drawing was slightly cubistic but today I did this realistic one, that I would like to name ‘Golden Reality’. Realism is not a style that I employ very often, that is why. I just wanted to see what the golden pastel stick and pencils could bring me and I am quite surprized that the result looks rather velvet and soft.

After Degas

With Edgar Degas in mind, in this one I let model do something like reading in this particular case. Degas drew lots of women performing activities like dancing, washing, etc. and I suddenly realized I could let them do stuff too. Here she is reading a book on Hadrian that I happen to have next to my bedside. She actually started to read the book and whe discussed the man and the Roman Empire. Perhaps a great idea for a painting? I let my brain marinate on that.

Color Scheme

Due to the razor light qualities of the LED lamps only parts of the body were illuminated. Such spawned exciting and strange color effects, tearing the bandwith of the light apart and turn them into blues, pinks, yellows and purples. The only thing I added was some saturation that I cranked up some more. I kept the tonal bandwith like I saw it. Even though it is extreme, it put the focus on the reading process entirely. Thus my goal was reached.

Colored pencil drawing on Talens Mixed Toned Color paper (21 x 29.5 x 0.1 cm) – A4 format)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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