surrealist nude oil painting

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Kali – 23-03-22

Enter Kali

Enter Kali The Destroyer. This oil is an elaboration of an earlier graphite pencil drawing ‘Roundism – 26-04-16 (sold)’. At first I planned to do this this oil before my oil Vesna 14-03-22. However, because of current events in the Ukraine the latter came first because I felt it was so urgent. Perhaps there is something good and something not so successful in each work I created throughout the years. Aforementioned drawing I consider to be the one of the better ones I made. Needless to say I sold it quickly. Surely I felt like doing this one in oil one day but never found the time to do so. Must have been my head brimming over with lots of ideas to be captured on paper first.

Wife of Shiva

Maybe you know the story of the goddess Kali, wife of Shiva. For those who do not, just click one of the aforegiven links. The title came rather intuitively, associating the multiple arms with her obviously. She is not the first and last I made. Back in 2018 I did ‘Roundism – 04-08-18 (sold)’. Women with multiple arms must be a popular item since I sold that one as well. Anyway, I guess I am attracted to goddesses who both destroy and serve as a protective mothergoddess. She is also the preserver of nature. The reference picture I used is an old one from the 1920s. The chiaroscuro play of light and darkness is conducive to the association with Kali of course.

Multiple Arms in Color

Back then in 2016 I found the picture of the single arm streched out to the right a bit ‘tiny’. There wasn’t much to be seen in the upper central part except for a big black void. That’s how I came to Kali multiple arm theme, filling up the gap. My subconsciousness could have guided me to her, who knows? The challenge was to transfer the drawing into an oil, choosing a suitable color scheme. The palette I still had from previous paintings still hadn’t dried up. From an economical point of view I thought I’d better finish what was left over. That is why the blue of the Ukrainian flag is all around in the negative space of this one. There are some hints of yellow I used before but also the rose-rouge-apricot plains that came from previous Risque paintings.

Oil on linen (60 x 80 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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