Roundism – 06-12-17

Cubistic nude pastel drawing

I was intrigued by the compact forms of the model’s body and especially by the curve of her tibia tot he instep of her foot.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Roundism – 29-11-17)

cubistic nude pastel drawing

Based on a earlier roundism graphite pencil drawing I made this pastel adding the realm of colours. I wanted the woman appear in a kind of midsummernight’s dream with lots of yellow and blues, girded with some purples and pinks.

Roundism – 10-05-17

Cubistic nude pastel drawing

A pastel variety on the previous drawing ‘Roundism – 02-05-17’ in which I tried to match the found styled forms to a colour scheme that would match them.

Sans titre – 25-10-16 (sold)

cubistic portrait colored pencil drawing of Mary Pickford

One from the series ‘sans titre’ depicting moviestars. This one is a tribute to Mary Pickford in some kind of cubistic roundish style.

Nude – 04-03-16 (sold)

Expressionistic nude pastel drawing

A pastel that was lingering about in my studio for years until I completed it. I went for a strong purple / yellow contrast. It’s now with a private collector in China.

Pearls – 01-03-16 (sold)

Cubistic nude pastel drawing

This was commissioned work and the purpose was to capture sensuality and through cubist forms get the round female shapes.

Pieternella – 18-07-15 (sold)

Cubistic portrait pastel drawing

Commissioned work. They wanted a portrait in a cubistic style. I used velours paper so I could make planes very easily with my Schmincke pastels.