Golden brown – 24-08-20

cubistic nude colored pencil drawing called golden brown

The other day I bought new paper by Talens (Toned Colour Mix): a sturdy dark blue sheet perfect for colored pencil and pastel sticks. I also happened to find an old pastel stick (gold, Cretacolor 48254) that I did not use yet.

Roundism – 20-08-20

cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing in the roundism series

After my drawing ‘Roundism – 19-08-20’ I put it as my goal to do another solarized one but a little bit less and more abstract.

Roundism – 19-08-20

Cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing in the roundism series

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Roundism – 07-08-20

cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing in my roundism series

After a series and a couple of commissions it was time to do another in my Roundism series. There are many positions a model can show but I particularly like this one with the slanted position of the legs.

3rd August 2020

cubistic portrait graphite pencil drawing advertisement of Loretta Young

Sold this art work to a Swiss collector through

The Venus of The Hague – 11-07-20

Cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing

This one is a variation on a previous drawing ‘The Venus of The Hague – 29-05-20’ but then constructed out of basic geometric forms only: the circle, cube and triangle.

Roundism – 27-04-20

cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing with solarisation

The next drawing in my solarized roundism series. It forms a transition from my previous abstracted cubist geometry towards a crossover to realism and surrealism. Like in previous ones I inverted some of the tonal values whereas in other parts they are kept realistic.

Roundism – 04-04-20

surrealist nude graphite pencil drawing

This is my third solarized drawing I did since a long time and represents my regular model I know for years.