De Lakenhal – 16-08-19​

Last weekend I visited De Lakenhal at Leiden, Netherlands to see the exhibition ‘Rembrandt and the Golden Age’. Quite nice, also to see the refurbished museum. When I looked out the windows at the front of the building I was captured by the Oude Vest on which the light was filtered by the museum glass. It looked a little bit sinister and there were gloomy clouds in the sky which lead me to draw this one.


The widow of Aleppo (2019) (sold)

Drawng often is called the primary process and I like it so much, brimming over with an ocean of ideas, that I forget about transfering those ideas to the secondary stage: the canvas. There always is something to dust off and in 2017 I used ‘Nude – 03-09-15’ to work out a bigger theme, called ‘The Widow of Aleppo – 18-05-17’, after Rembrandt’s painting Jeremiah lamenting Jerusalem’s destruction. Since the war in Syria sort of came to an end but the people still suffer, I found it appropiate to do this anew but then in oil.