Gouda – 30-06-17

cubistic church graphite pencil drawing

A view on the Sint Janskerk from Museum Gouda at Gouda, Zuid-Holand, Netherlands.

Roundism – 26-05-17 (sold)

Cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing

During my lessons as a teacher I stell my students there is no end to perfection and one never can tell when a painting or drawing is finished.

Leiden – 27-12-16 (sold)

impressionistic cityscape graphite pencil drawing

An impressionistic view on Leiden, where I studied. I am often fascinated my reflections in water and there are so many canals to be found over there. The movement of the water is what I put as a central theme in this drawing.

Schoonhoven – 15-12-16

Cubistic cityscape colored pencil drawing

I was attracted to the cubist quality of the planes that still offer a realistic / impressionistic view on a back alley in a small town called ‘Schoonhoven’, Netherlands.

Nude – 04-03-16 (sold)

Expressionistic nude pastel drawing

A pastel that was lingering about in my studio for years until I completed it. I went for a strong purple / yellow contrast. It’s now with a private collector in China.

Pearls – 01-03-16 (sold)

Cubistic nude pastel drawing

This was commissioned work and the purpose was to capture sensuality and through cubist forms get the round female shapes.

Julia Filament – 01-02-16 (sold)

Cubistic portrait graphite pencil drawing

Portrait of my dear colleague and friend Julia Filament who has a very round face, so I felt myself forced to break her up in straight lines and planes.