Rotterdam – 14-05-19

Cubistic cityscape graphite pencil drawing

At Katendrecht in Rotterdam I had a clear view on the old harbour buildings and I saw the potential of horizontals, some verticals and a diagonal by means of a quay to the right.

Wijk bij Duurstede – 13-05-19

impressionist castle graphite pencil drawing

I came to visit Wijk bij Duurstede, a small city near Utrecht and castle Duurstede is everything one can expect from a medieval castel: a moat, a keep and a perfect preserved round tower.

Voorburg – 12-05-19 (sold)

impressionist landscape graphite pencil drawing promotion

There is this specific spot in Voorburg at the beginning of the Herenstraat where it is particulary beautiful.

Haagse Bos – 10-05-19

impressionistic landscape graphite pencil drawing

When I came back from Clingendael I took my favorite way back home through ‘estate Reigersbergen’.

Voorburg – 09-05-19​ (sold)

impressionist urban graphite pencil drawing promotion

In springtime Voorburg is a wonderful place to be. The Old Church is catching light and the big ol’ tree in front of it is shattering the light on top of the church roof.

Veere – 08-05-19

impressionistic cityscape graphite pencil drawing

I was walking through Veere, Zeeland, Netherlands where I visited the harbour first.

Singer Laren – 29-04-19

Impressionistic interior graphite pencil drawing

Sunday 28th of April I went to Museum Singer Laren to see a great exhibition on German expressionists like the painters of Die Brücke and Der Blauwe Reiter.

Berg en Dal – 28-04-19

impressionist landscape graphite pencil drawing

I planned this study to be completed under an hour. I think I improve. The goal is to prepare me for the outdoor season to come.