De Lakenhal – 16-08-19​

Last weekend I visited De Lakenhal at Leiden, Netherlands to see the exhibition ‘Rembrandt and the Golden Age’. Quite nice, also to see the refurbished museum. When I looked out the windows at the front of the building I was captured by the Oude Vest on which the light was filtered by the museum glass. It looked a little bit sinister and there were gloomy clouds in the sky which lead me to draw this one.


4th August 2019

Started a new painting tody, based on my previous drawing ‘Nude – 17-06-15’. After building my new website in July I longed for dragging myself from the screen to the wood panel and do this one, also because I feel an obligation to finally work out all of my ideas in graphite pencil onto wood panel and/or linen.


Rotterdam – 23-07-19

In the dead of summer means I am in the midst of the outdoor sketching season. Although I did not complete this one on the spot the invention of the basic composition and planal distribution were done at Katendrecht, Rotterdam. The vista is directed at Hotel New York that nowadays looks almost encapsulated by skycrapers. I was there long ago but the cityscape almost was inrecognizable. The watertaxi was done in my studio because they keep on moving all the time. Nevertheless a new typical sight in swinging Rotterdam. Although, the drawing seems rather detailed, I kept it quite impressionistical.