Veere – 04-04-19

Last weekend I was walking through Veere at Zeeland, Netherlands, a little pittoresque town. I returned to my car when I saw the sign ‘city wall tour’ and I decided to take that one and then, when I climbed onto them, I saw this great composition that reminded me of Caravaggio’s ‘Descent from the cross’, a perfect staircase composition – triangles within one big triangle.


Voorschoten – 11-03-19

Last year I was walking through sunny Voorschoten, a town in the north to where I live. I saw an attractive cityscape appearing in one of the streets, took a picture and decided to do this one some days ago, not knowing yet how to execute it in graphite pencil. The trees and the top part of the drawing directed me towards my personal style roundism but the low part of the drawing became another story.


Royal estate ‘De Horsten’ – 02-04-18

A pastel of a treescape at Royal estate ‘De Horsten’ at Wassenaar, Netherlands. This one I did last Saturday for a group of pastel students and limited myself to appromixately 2 hours, synchronizing to the time span of the pastel workshop, in order for them to relate to a quick build-up without throwing too much details like leaves and branches.