Model session – 14-02-19

Model session – 14-02-19   Last session with my model I wanted to have her pose a little bit more risqué but counterbalance it by keeping the hatched strokes rather […]


Nude – 02-02-19

The object was to do a pastel drawing similar to ‘model session – 17-01-19’ but to keep the hatched strokes rather wide. I also wanted to combine more complementary colour combinations in order to get a greyish look while on the other hand those hatched strokes look very saturated up close.


Model session – 29-11-18

Model session – 29-11-18   This evening I had a great session with my main model throughout the years. She is slender, knows what I want and shows dark skin […]


Julia -28-08-18

Julia -28-08-18   Yesterday I had famous dancer and choreographer Julia Gómez Avilés over to pose for me. She dances and teaches in Guangzhou, China and is touring now through […]


Roundism – 06-12-17

I was intrigued by the compact forms of the model’s body and especially by the curve of her tibia tot he instep of her foot.


Model – 01-12-17

Model – 01-12-17   Some months ago I started attending some drawing sessions at Rotterdam where I did short positions again. I liked it a lot and since there is […]


Roundism – 29-11-17

Based on a earlier roundism graphite pencil drawing I made this pastel adding the realm of colours. I wanted the woman appear in a kind of midsummernight’s dream with lots of yellow and blues, girded with some purples and pinks.


Roundism – 24-11-17 (sold)

Roundism – 24-11-17 (sold) A new graphite pencil drawing in the roundism series in which I experimented with deformations of body shapes with the purpose of keeping the forms as […]