Satin – 31-03-14 (2014) – prestudy

Impressionistic still life pastel drawing

A study after the glow of satin. The women at The Hague Market looked very surprized when I asked for 5 mtr of her finest pink satin. One does everything for art.

Abstract Fruits (2013)

cubistic still life oil painting

A search for capturing a still life in my kind of cubism. For this one I looked closely to Cézanne.

Strelizia (2007)

Realistic still life oil painting

In my ever struggle with still lifes I wanted to do a styled flower like a Strelizia and put it in a granate shell my grandfather retrieved from a German Flak position at Nijmegen during W.W. II and light it with a maclite mini torch from within the shell.

Sub rosa (2007) (sold)

surrealistic still life oil painting

Twice it came back to me because of the partner of the purchaser didn’t agree with the vibrator. The third time was a charm.

Hot tin roof (2005)

Impressionistic interior oil painting

A study after sunlight hitting a still life with extreme backlight, with hints of impressionism.