18 Variations on the Same Theme

cubistic nude oil painting

Roundism – 06-07-16

A second painting in the same roundism series, based on the variations on the same theme drawings. In this one I combined cubistic forms with pointillism.

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Surrealist nude graphite pencil drawing

Nude – 18-05-15 (sold)

This surrealistic drawing was the cornerstone of this series for now. One drawing and three paintings would follow. The drawing is with a private collector from France now.

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cubist nude graphite pencil drawing

Nude – 08-05-15

Variation 11 show a return to straight lines and planes. I wanted to put less stress on the body and more on the planes as a whole – in- and outside the body and communicating.

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Cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing

Nude – 03-05-15 (sold)

Variation nr 9 shows a further development and I felt more and more confident to show more. This one I found it to be a success and a prestudy for The Madonna of The Hague later that year.

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Cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing

Nude – 19-04-15

I am not quite satisfied with this variation. It look static. And the tiny strokes contouring her body look daft to me (in retrospective).

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impressionist nude graphite pencil drawing

Nude – 06-04-15

After the last graphite pencil drawing I realized something was missing, not the nude of course. That style was realistic or impressionistic, something I am skilled at for a long time now.

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